Our Products consist of three main Kaolin Powder Grades.

The three main Kaolin Powder Grading: MSDS DH-325, MSDS TA-1250, MSDS DB-325.
The detailed information and specification of each grade can be found in each button and our company profile below:


Kaolin powder comes from the Kaolin mineral which originated from the Earth crust and inside, it consists of various chemical compositions such as Silicon Dioxide or Silica (SiO₂) and Aluminium Oxide (Al₂O₃) with Kaolinite as their main mineral.

Quality Raw Material

To produce high-quality kaoline powder, PT. Aneka Kaoline Utama has adopted a rigorous quality assurance system that entails real-time examination of the raw materials (kaoline slurry or locally called ciong) used for production. Our real-time examination ensures that the powder we produce consistently meet the brightness specification of our valued customers.

Quality Control

To provide quality kaoline powder for our customers, our company’s Quality Control has adopted real-time sampling method. This ensure our kaoline powder we have produced is in accordance with our customer’s standards.

Aside from the quality of our products, the Quality Control also ensures the quantity of our products conform with the quantity specified in the order through random checking before the delivery. Hence, with our modern and high-technology laboratory equipment, PT. Aneka Kaoline Utama strives to provide consistent quality and quantity for our customers.

Water Treatment

Our Products are packed with export quality packaging.

We come in two main packaging:
Wooven Bag/ Jumbo Bag
Kaolin Powder Wooven Bag Packaging

Kaolin Powder Wooven Bag Packaging

Refined Kaolin Powder, 500kgs, 750kgs, 800kgs Packaging (Jumbo Bag)

Refined Kaolin Powder, 500kgs, 750kgs, 800kgs Packaging (Jumbo Bag)

Kaolin Powder Chocolate Diamond PP Wooven Bag

Kaolin Powder Chocolate Diamond PP Wooven Bag