Our Company

Kaoline lake, Belitung, Tanjung Pandan

Kaoline lake, Belitung, Tanjung Pandan

To be the leading company which offers the highest quality and consistent product line, while putting our clients and environment as our foremost priority.



  1. With professionalism and advanced technology, we produce high- quality products for our clients.
  2. Reviewing and making continuous improvements in our systems, processes, human resources and technology companies related to quality.
  3. To create more benefits for the post-mining areas.


Established in 1955 under the name 'Kaolin Madju', the company had about 3 hectares mining area and employed about 12 workers initially. At that time, we only produced around 1,200 MT per annum. In 1978, the name is changed and registered legally under PT. Aneka Kaoline Utama until now. We have broadened our mining areas to 66 Ha and employed about 70 employees with production capacity of 50,000 MT per annum. We also have started exporting to Asian and South East Asian countries since 2015.


Focusing our company in processing kaolin with highest technology and form the consistent quality of kaolin powder for our clients.