PT AKU Held a Mass Circumcision in School Break

Tanjung Pandan, 02 July 2022 10:00

As a form of appreciation for the community around the mine, PT AKU Held a mass circumcision. This Health Program in collaboration with the Belitung Province Health Authority was held at the Aik Rayak Village Office and was attended by 30 children from and outside the Aik Rayak village as well as special needs school children (SLB) in Tanjungpandan. In order to give time for the healing process, PT AKU will hold this event to coincide with the children's school holidays, so children can freely play when school starts again.

In addition, PT AKU also provides gifts to children who have participated in the mass circumcision event in the form of school supplies and light snacks. We do this as a form of our appreciation to the community for their support.