Calibration Technique Training for QC Department of PT. Aneka Kaoline Utama

20 June 2021 22:05

In an effort to improve the competency standards of the Quality Control Department, the Management of PT. Aneka Kaoline Utama has appointed PT. Sentral Tehnologi Manajemen to conduct training in Mass Calibration Techniques, Temperature and Analytical Instruments. This In-House Training was held for three days from 24 December to 26 December 2020 at the Laboratory of PT. Aneka Kaoline Utama.

With the guidance of an experienced trainer, Mr. Remi Ramdani, this training was held with the aim that PT. Aneka Kaoline Utama has the ability to calibrate measuring instruments with internationally accepted methods and procedures, understand the standards of each calibration / verification concept according to standardized reference standards, and able to determine the accuracy of tools based on data from calibration / verification results. This concept of understanding is important to understand the relationship between uncertainty and quality assurance so that testing errors can be minimized.

The following is an attachment to the activities during the training :

*) In-House Training is carried out in accordance with the Health Protocol.